Hemlock - Resawing, Rustic Furniture, Custom Slabs, Mantels, Duplicarver
One of our Duplicarver carvings (12 inches tall), made of solid Walnut.
About Us
Hemlock Inc is a privately owned company, based in Magnolia, Tx.  We take pride in making a product which is truly harvested and MADE IN THE USA.
At the center of the small operation is a portable bandsaw mill.  We use this mill to not only mill our own logs, but also do resawing for others as requested.
 From the logs we saw for ourselves, we have made some very interesting rustic furniture, mantels, shelving, wine bars, benches, wineracks, wall hangings, and have completed some special projects for sofa tables, and desks.
Please feel free to contact us with your special needs and we will do our very best to fulfill your requests.

We specialize in the use of trees which have been killed by drought or disease, or which have been removed for safety reasons.
 We are proud to present our new Gun Cleaning Racks, made out of Red Oak. They are a welcomed addition to our inventory and have been welcomed by our customers.  We are really excited about them. They are an item which you may want to add to your holiday wish list for the gun enthusiasts in your family. The Gun Racks come apart for easy storage, or are a very nice addition to any trophy room because of their warm appearance. There are slots on the Racks for the cleaning rods and the base has holes drilled to house the brushes and other cleaning attachments for the rods.
 Thank you for stopping by and please contact us as soon as possible for your holiday orders.
P.0. BOX 1020
A branched area of oak, cut in half symetrically. Destined to become a tabe base.A branched trunk, sawed in half.


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